Case Studies

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Spotify - Playlists

Dominating a variety of formats, Spotify sought to embed themselves “into the natural rhythm of people’s lives”.

Tailster - A Dog's Best Friend

A brand building campaign was vital to increase brand awareness for the new online dog-walking service.

Elex - Clash of Kings

Allowed players to ‘Step into the Game’ through a multiple format station domination.

Carlsberg - If Carlsberg Did Chocolate Bars

Following the brand’s string of ‘If Carlsberg did...’ campaigns we made the impossible possible – a bar made out of chocolate.

UKTV Play - Smarter as Standard

A campaign using real-time data and contextual environments to promote the broadcaster’s new on demand offering.

Channel 4 - Paralympics 2016

We wanted to create Channel 4’s most accessible and unique advertising campaign ever.

Elizabeth Arden - Prevage

A live pollution meter to educate women on the side effects of pollution on the skin.

Channel 4 - Hunted

Bringing the concept of the show to life, we ‘Hunted’ our audience through multiple formats in OOH.

Google - Old Street

A contextual and dynamic long-term holding to demonstrate and increase awareness of Google products that enhance everyday lives.

Oreo - Eclipse

A real-time campaign using live data sources to mirror the long awaited celestial event.

Carlsberg - Beer Body Ready?

A quick and reactive campaign tapping into the conversation of Protein World’s controversial ‘Beach Body Ready’ ads.

Google - Outside 2.0

A city-wide campaign that reached Londoners in different contexts and touchpoints, during their daily commutes, lunch and evenings out.

PA Consulting

A geo-targeted, cross environment international campaign to create a buzz in a clever, punchy and visual way.

Walkers - Tweet to Eat

A campaign that drove trial, created an unmissable launch for new flavours, and delivered a hugely PR’able experience.


A long-term brand building strategy featuring geo-targeted store coverage and optimised and topical DOOH activity.