Outdoor’s new measurement research tool ROUTE launched in February 2013 to replace POSTAR data. The research has transformed the way Outdoor media is measured, replacing the outdated roadside-only model.

The research reflects real behaviour – captured not claimed, geo-recorded people movements. This breaks down audiences for accurate planning, provides net impacts to take account of panel position and visibility and links those formats measured to calculate campaign coverage and frequency.

The main characteristics of the data include…

  • To encompass all outdoor environments including roadside, London Underground, , buses, National Rail, airports, pedestrian shopping precincts, shopping malls & POS
  • Multiple audience figures for campaigns are measured by reach, frequency and GRPs, plus a wealth of lifestyle, media consumption and shopping information about audiences.
  • Hyper-local geography, create your own bespoke geography or choose from 1600 x towns, 24 conurbations or the 14 TV areas.
  • Largest OOH study ever – 28,000 sample, 160 million data records, 360,000 frames, 19 billion GPS records, utilising technology & insight

The data enables us to provide better analysis inputs for our own campaign evaluation, audits and econometrics, but is not the whole picture regarding planning, innovation and ROI. Location and context provide an important element to any OOH plan and Route helps us guide our strategy thinking, but does not replace it. For example, people movements informed by smartphone or WiFi technology provide a whole new layer to our understanding of audiences on the move.